Actress Samantha Added Fuel To Speculations, Shocking Reply To Siddharth’s Tweet Regarding Their Relationship

The relationship between actors Siddharth and Samantha is no longer. The duo, who have been in the news that they are in a relationship for over two years ended their relationship recently. Although they never confessed that they are in a relationship, they were often seen exchanging tweets and spotted together in events. Though there were several rumors about actors Siddharth and Samantha dating each other, the couple always chose to stay quiet about their alleged relationship.

Samantha shocking reply to Siddharth's tweet

Soon after, there were also rumors that the couple has split. A recent tweet by Siddarth hints that all isn’t well between the love birds. It seems both the actors haven’t yet come to terms with their break-up saga. Siddharth took to his twitter page and wrote, “That moment when you realize that what you thought was the worst thing that happened to you is actually the best thing that happened to you.

Angry Reply By Samantha To Above Tweet:

Samantha added fuel to the curious speculations immediately shot back saying, “That moment when I realize you’re just somebody I used to know.”

Interestingly, the actress erased her tweet later, though many of her followers got a glimpse of it and damage has already been done and people figured out that she is referring to her ex Siddharth. The exchange came as a surprise for many who thought the two broke up earlier. It seems ex-lovers Siddharth and Samantha haven’t moved forward post-breakup!

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