25-Year Old BSF Constable’s Sacrifice Safeguarded The Lives of 44 Unarmed Personnel

A newly recruited BSF trooper Rocky stood like a rock against the terrorists  safeguarded the lives of 44 unarmed personnel in Jammu and Kashmir. He courageously fought against the terrorists and sacrificed his life. His ultimate sacrifice protected the lives of 44 Jawans from death. It is a proud moment for all Indians for his braveheart and upreme sacrifice. He is a real life hero and no reel hero can match this 25 year old BSF constable’s bravery that saved 44 of his colleagues from terrorists. The incident took place near Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir when the two heavily-armed militants attacked a Border Security Force convoy and a dark-green bus which had about 44 unarmed personnel travelling in it.

BSF Convoy attacked by the Terrorists

Constable Rocky – One Man Army

At 7.30am on August 5, when a man holding a Kalashnikov stopped a BSF bus near Udhampur, constable Rocky was the only armed guard in the vehicle sitting beside the driver along with 44 of his unarmed colleagues. He kept the militants engaged as the reinforcement reached the spot only after 20 minutes. He didn’t even allowed them to toss grenades on the bus which was full of BSF personnel. During the attack, one militant was killed at the spot and the other was caught. Shubhendu Roy, the driver of the bus was also killed in the attack when the militant punctured the tyres of the bus to immobilise it and then targeted the BSF men present inside in Udhampur district.

BSF Constable Rocky sacrificed his Life to save 44 Jawaan

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Rocky was one of the first to receive bullet injuries along with the driver. As per the sources of BSF, he was hit in the chest. Noman alias Nomi was the LeT terrorist who sprayed the convoy with bullets and punctured its tyres.

“But Rocky had young blood flowing in his veins,” a BSF officer said. Less than three years old in the force, the 25-year-old jawan fired back despite his injuries.

Praising Rocky, BSF director general D K Pathak said, “He not eliminated the terrorist, the lives of 44 of his colleagues would have been gravely imperilled as the Lashkar terrorists had grenades and assault rifles.”

Ajay Devgan- Rocky’s Motivation to Join Forces

Constable Rocky - Udhampur

Rocky was born in a poor family at Dalit farmlands from Ramgarh Majra Village of Yamunanagar. Despite of his poverty, he struggled hard to complete BSc, left it midway and joined BSF in the year 2012. His motivation to join the military force was the Bollywood film Tango Charlie, said Rocky’s brother Rohit. He actually got inspired by Ajay Devgn-starrer of Tango Charlie (Story of Jawaan). This inspiration led him to join in forces and his bravery led him to sacrifice his life for saving his colleagues life. Rocky’s father Preetpal said his son was with the family just two weeks back.

“Little did I no that he will meet this fate,” Preetpal told PTI over phone from the village. He then added, “My village and the entire country feels proud that he has laid down his life for the nation’s sake”.

BSF Pays Tributes to Martyrs

BSF pays tributes to martyrs

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BSF paid homage to the most courageous jawans Rocky and Subhendu, who not only sacrificed their lives fighting militants in the terror attack but also shunned major casualties. Rakesh Sharma, Inspector General of BSF, Jammu Frontier, led the force in paying tributes to the brave jawans at the headquarters of the paramilitary.”Last rites of the martyrs with full military honours will be performed at their native places Haryana and West Bengal”, the Inspector General of BSF told reporters.

We all must be proud of both jawaans for their gallant action that saved the precious lives of other BSF personnels travelling in the bus. Hats off for their bravery who laid down their life for the sake of our Nation.

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