A Crorepati 87 Lakh Times Over For 48 Hours!

For a fraction of time he felt like a Crorepati, he was surprised to see a huge amount of money in his account and he was the most happiest person on the planet. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He was in panic for a while. Several questions revolved in his brain, from where did the money was deposited?. Here is complete information regarding the story of this 87 lakh crorepathi.

Crorepati over 48 hours:

All 87 lakh crores rupees money came and went in a jiffy. The man at the receiving end was Moham Naik, who is a retired school teacher in Vijaypura locality. Mohan Naik went to ATM to check whether the pension amount is credited or not. When he swiped his ATM card to withdraw his monthly pension amount from his State Bank of India account and was stunned to find a balance of Rs 88 lakh crores. He was shocked to see a long line of zeros on the screen. 87 lakh times over for 48 hours!

An amount of 87 lakh crores in account:

Naik pressed the button again and again to check the balance and he confirmed that there are 87 lakh crores in his account. Here the twist in the story arises the huge amount of money was a result of a banking faux pas. He even took a mini-statement. For a moment, he felt like the richest man on Earth! He withdrew as much as he could, of course! After 48 hours of a free run though, it all came crashing down when bank officials froze his account! Now, he has to pay up. Naik however, can’t help smiling. For two whole days, he had Rs 87,143106873650.70 cr in his account.

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