This Girl’s Last Message To Her Parents Before Committing Suicide Is Heart Melt

Keeping expectations on your kids is not wrong but, burdening them with the expectations can lead to devastating results. In India Every year thousands of kids are forced into certain fields of academics under peer pressure that they are totally unsuited for. Out of them an approximate 5000 students commit suicide every year after suffering through the burdens of their parent’s expectations.

We emphasize a lot on studies, which is absolutely right but are we taking away the life of our kids in the expectations? Here in this video a girl decided to end her life because she couldn’t cope with stress. But not before leaving this soul-stirring suicide video for her parents, letting know where they went wrong. Have a look!

Video of a girl before committing suicide:

This video is an eye-opener for every parents in India. There is much more to life. Let’s give the freedom to our kids with things they want to do. I am sure having them by you side is more important than having their picture on wall.

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