This Indian Guy Dancing To Skrillex DJ Is The Proof Of Unidentified Talents From Indian Villages

Skrillex is one of the names that comes immediately when the term “EDM” is thrown around. The electronic music producer is incredibly talented and there’s no doubt that he is one of the genre’s few stars who’s reached a mainstream tipping point. Currently Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is growing up in India.

EDM events are increasing on the Indian calendars day by day and harmoniously blending into the traditional festivals that the country people celebrate. Today, EDM is well a part of Indian people, and a DJ has become a necessity for each & every event that involves groups and entertainment.

This video of an Indian guy dancing to Skrillex, 26-year-old American DJ is more proof of that. Watch Skrillex live in India.

Watch it here:

These are real unidentified talents from Indian villages.

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