Men Sitting On Ladies Seat In Delhi Metro Goes Viral On Social Media Sites

If you are thinking the condition of ladies have changed for better in the Delhi Metro, then you are wrong as there continues several unreported shameful behavior incidents in the Metro. Every day in Delhi Metro rail, Around 27 lakh passengers are travelling according to the official figures from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). In Delhi Metro two men are sitting in ladies seat while two ladies were standing (one carrying a child in her arms) and looking at them and these two men refused to offer seat to ladies. It was shame on their part and it is going viral on Facebook and all social media sites.

shameless men sitting on ladies seat

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Shameless Men Sitting On Ladies Seat In Delhi Metro:

Delhi Metro is considered to be national capital’s lifeline for the passengers but such nauseating incidents make it worse. The instances of female passengers facing harassment in Delhi Metro have been on a rise with every passing day.

Inspite of clear instructions put up in every day in compartments of delhi metro rail two shameless and rude men are sitting on the ladies seat after fighting with their female co-passengers. It is horrible to see the fearlessness and
Shamelesness men who sat on seat which was reserved for ladies. Finally ,she had to seek help of other fellow passengers to tell these losers to have some courtesy and get up from ladies seat.

Men Sitting On Ladies Seat In Delhi Metro Goes Viral On Social Media Sites

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Delhi’s newly elected Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has yet to prove majority in the house was found violating the metro’s rules and regulation by sitting in ladies seat. He broke a law where who fights for the rights & laws. Very soon, the pic in which Kejriwal and Vishwas are sitting on the wrong seat, went viral on YouTube. Maybe both of them did not notice the ‘For Ladies only’ sign before taking that seat.

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