Rs. 1 Clinic To The Rescue: 18-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth At Railway Station In India

An 18-year-old woman gave birth at a crowded station in Mumbai on the morning of November 21, 2019, and luckily the Rs. 1 clinic was there to help the woman.

According to reports, Manisha Kale, the 18-year-old woman, was traveling from Nerul to Panvel when she experienced labor pain.

Doctors and the staff of the One-Ruppe Clinic came to the rescue and helped the woman deliver the baby.

Kale and the baby are healthy and sound, they have been shifted to a local hospital.

Dr. Rahul Ghule, the CEO of the Rs. 1 clinic, said, “Our Panvel center night in-charge Dr. Vishal Vani got a call from the station manager, and Manisha Kale gave birth to a baby girl with the help of the doctor and railway staff,” Dr. Rahul Ghule CEO of “One-Rupee Clinic.”

This is the 11th time where the Rs. 1 clinic has helped women traveling in the local trains in Mumbai.

Dr. Rahul said, “We are proud of our ”One-Rupee Clinic” staff for successfully providing golden-hour treatment to passengers.”

Earlier this year, the Rs.1 clinic helped a woman give birth.

In October this year, the Rs. 1 clinic helped a 29-year-old woman give birth at the Thane Railway Station in Maharashtra.

In April this year, the Rs. 1 clinic helped a woman deliver a child.

The Rs. 1 Clinics were set up at different railway stations in Maharashtra in 2017 to help passengers that are facing medical emergencies.

In 2017, the Central Railway and a company in Mumbai made the 4X7 “One-Rupee Clinics” following a Bombay high court order.

The Rs. 1 clinic offers free blood pressure check-ups, and the consultation fees at the Rs. 1 clinics are free.

Thanks to the good acts of the Rs. 1 clinic, a new child got to see how good this world has to offer for them.

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