With A Salary Of 22k Per Month She Lives A Very Comfortable Life And Here She Explains How

How much salary is sufficient to have a Decent life in India? Best answer is given by Radha Sable, Techie working in Pune. With a Salary of 22k per month she lives a very comfortable life and here she explains how.

“I stay in Pune and my salary is exactly 22k. Considering that I am a fresher, despite earning 22k salary, I sometimes (OK, most of the times) feel like a beggar and one of the least paid employees working in IT service company. I often feel as though I am doing a sarkari naukri (Government job) where there is no hike for millenniums and doing the same repetitive work for ages. It’s HUMAN NATURE. It’s never enough”.

How much salary is sufficient to have a Decent life in India?

“Nevertheless, one can definitely manage to stay in Pune with salary of 22k. I pay rent around 4500 for a fully furnished flat (including washing machine, geyser and the most important thing: free WIFI 😛 ) if your company is in Hinjewadi, then you can stay in Wakad, Vishal Nagar as you won’t have to pay high expenses for travelling.

Another 5000 of my savings are transferred to my RD account. One can open an RD/PPF account or Demat account (if you have some knowledge on share market).

Another 5000 of my savings are transferred to my Mom’s account on account of love and respect 😀

I reserve 5000 for food and grocery. That means I am still left with 2500 which I invest in books or shopping or for fuel or travelling or I just send more money to mom’s account by the end of month if I feel generous enough. 😀

This might be hackneyed but still true: Save first and then spend, not the other way around. If you follow this principle, then by the end of month you’ll feel like a King as your wallet won’t be empty”.

Keep a ledger to keep track of all your expenses so that you will know where you spent it and you will know that your money has not vanished into the dark lands of Narnia, never to be found.

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