These 6 Soldier Hacks for Survival at Times will Increase your Respect for Army Men

Armed forces personnel’s are being trained and their operations are based on the list of postulates of a standard book. Although sometimes these postulates and the so considered bible of armed forces nature of operations too doesn’t prove to be the need of the hour. And it is the off-limits thinking which could serve the need of the hour and lives of armed forces which later turn out to be postulates for the rest.

indian army hacks and tough times in seachan

Daily Life Hacks of Armed Forces on Nation’s Outposts in Deadliest Circumstances

These brave warriors need to save their lives initially at the nation’s borders and the outpost to save the lives of the rest of citizens who have been relying on them for security. Get apprised with some of barracking and astonishing daily life hacks of armed forces followed across the globe.

  1. We people use Bournvita to drink While they use to Mark

Most of the people might have been aware of using Bournvita to drink while our Indian armed forces use that to mark their helipads. Does that sound weird? Yeah, you heard that right, Indian armed force personnel’s serving their duty in very odd and worst natural conditions use Bournvita as one of the life hacks.

armed forces hacks

To keep the nation safe even at the highest battlefield in the world such as Siachen glacier Indian armed forces had to go through some of the worst phases of nature. Armed forces uses Bournvita and dry fruits to mark their helipads during tough times emergency evacuation caused by the weather to save their lives as helipad isn’t visible to the pilots and the soldiers on the ground from Cheetah helicopter in such adverse conditions.

  1. Carrying condom may keep you cool serving the need

water carried in condom

Titillating erotic thoughts and ideas start out arousing in the minds of the many of us upon hearing the word condom and we are familiar of using that primarily for an individual purpose. However, our inspiring armed force warriors have figured out yet another hack out of the condom. Chronicles of armed forces state that condom serves a bit helpful for carrying about an extra liter of water on long patrols in desert areas which could be serve the need at any extent, sometimes even to survive for an extra two days in an emergency.

  1. They have their own barbeque every instant of life


Have you ever thought of skipping your meal in the absence of a stove then here is a hack for you. Use Iron to cook your favorite meal turning it upside down and start savoring your meal with all the limited resources in tough times.

  1. Shine shoes melting down the polish

how_to_shine_shoes hack

The personal impression does matter sometimes especially when you are serving your service in armed forces where perhaps shoes are the next one after uniform which could catch the eye of a senior officials eyes. If the polish gets dried then place a bit of it shoes and allow it to dry. Later use a candle or a lighter to melt down the polish so that it would spread evenly across the leather. Feared of catching fire then use a wet cloth and wipe it over the leather which would get the similar results.

  1. Simple method to get rid of wrinkles on shirts and trousers without iron

hack of getting wrinkles off shirt

Armed forces are all about being punctual at any cost when one is asked to. Well, people staying out there couldn’t away from home couldn’t have time to iron their shirts and trousers. While here is a hack to get an iron shirt by dabbing water on wrinkles or getting the shirt completely in water and leaving it to dry. Executing this hack overnight would turn out beneficial.

  1. Tie knots of the shoe above laces

indian army hacks of shoes

A loose lace of shoe may turn out to be a hara-kiri, especially when you are involved in some tiresome and stressful jobs. Well to overcome this, laces of the shoes are recommended to be tied tight and slide the loop between the tongue and the laces which not let the laces come loose so easily. Wrap the shoes laces around the ankles through the loop in the back and fold the loop under the laces if Drill Boots and Double Moulded Shoes (DMS) are being worn.

  1. Get wet DMS to soften before wearing

One of the mostly suffered issues has been sorted out. Shoe bites and blisters turn out unfavorable circumstances if DMS boots were worn for the first time. Hence to overcome this one the best hack armed force personnel’s do is that they  usually soak the new pair in water overnight to make them soft so that they get moulded next time when they are being worn.

hacks of wearing DMS shoes

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