Sonakshi Sinha Apologizes For Wrongly Judging Sarvjeet Singh In The Jasleen Kaur Case!

The Jasleen-Sarabjit case has been a talking point for about a week now. While it started as social outrage movement that actually put the alleged perpetrator in jail, it soon became clear that Jasleen may have been lying about the whole thing. Naturally, being the girl, the whole nation gave her the benefit of the doubt and came out in support of her. One among her supporters was actress Sonakshi Sinha who tweeted, “Well done Jasleen! Hope this serves as a warning to all the creeps and encouragement to every girl to take action!” But now, she once took Twitter to apologise for wrongly judging the guy.

Sonakshi Sinha Apologizes For Blaming Saravjit Singh In The Jasleen Kaur Case!

Sonakshi Sinha apologises for blaming Saravjit Singh:

The actress tweeted, “Being a girl, gave the benefit of doubt to Jasleen, like many others! And like many others am embarrassed n let down! Apologies to the guy.”

When she was being commended by the Twitterati for being brave enough to actually apologize for something she said, Sonakshi was most humble about it.

Obviously her fans were impressed by the divas actions and mentioned how it took guts to admit your mistake and apologise on a public platform.

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