The Nobody From Pakistan Who Hated On India, Now Has His Countrymen Against Him. Here’s Why

As we all know Saif Ali Khan’s new release ‘Phantom’ was banned in Pakistan. DNA asked Saif Ali Khan, “”You had said you had faith in the Pakistan Censor Board. Does the Phantom ban surprise you?” To which the actor replied “I don’t have faith in Pakistan, Generally I don’t know what their thought means, I have no problems against pakistan and I don’t want to make a film against pakistan or any other country. We always share a complicated and uncomfortable relationship with Pakistan. Now they have banned a film, We keep banning each other’s films,” Khan said.

faisal qureshi against phantom

A Pakistani TV actor Faisal Qureshi never left out an opportunity to speak against India. Recently he made a 12 minute video filled with hatred for ‘Phantom’ is going viral on social media.

Faisal Qureshi conversation, how he conveyed in the video and Phantom character’s dialogue and many other.

Qureshi: He asserts that Pakistanis watch Indian films on pirated DVDs, so that Indian economy can fall. We have no interest in investing our ‘Pak’ money in India.” they don’t wish to contribute even a penny to India’s economy and, He said that people in India watch films on pirated DVDs because Indians are robbers and liars.

Zeeshan Ayyub: They attacked every time on us and we did nothing, for that

Qureshi: he said that Pakistan doesn’t attack India for nothing and even we do attack on you it have a reason. At one point, he actually says that India deserves to be attacked because, What they are doing in Baluchistan, Karachi, even in India with Muslims are the sufficient reasons behind our attack on India. And lastly said “Don’t take us easy. If India dares then just come here, and you’ll come to know, what pakistan is.”

There’s a line in Phantom that alludes the two countries stopping to play cricket with each other. Qureshi replied after a laugh, you know that you can’t play cricket with us that’s why every time you escape from the field before the scheduled Pak-India series.

Katrina Kaif: Biggest terrorist are in Pakistan they will never get the punishment.

Mr. Qureshi has responded to every dialogue of the Phantom movie in his words by presenting the evidences as who were responsible for the problems in the region.

Watch Video how Faisal Qureshi ranted Saif Ali Khan’s role in Phantom

But, interestingly a Pakistani blogger, Noman Ansari hit out at Qureshi and said, “Your video was even more offensive than the film you were targeting, which certainly takes special doing.” He also said, “Qureshi, we aren’t against Pakistan, we are against you.”

Shaan Taseer also criticises Qureshi:

Till an Indian lashed out:

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