Varun Aaron Says “We Have A Much Better Team Than Pakistan” And Believes India Can Win The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Aaron believes that India is a much better team than their neighboring countries team and believes that they can beat Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup. The 29-year-old has only played one-day internationals 9 times for India.

During an interview, Varun said, “We have a much better team than Pakistan, there is no reason why we shouldn’t win the match against Pakistan. I feel India has developed a fierce rivalry with Australia off late and the intensity of India-Australia matches are almost outdoing the intensity of India-Pakistan matches.

He added, “The rivalry between India and Pakistan will always be there, but the match to look out for will be the India-Australia one.”

Varun also had some words for “Game Changer” the book that was written by Shahid Afridi, he said that there is nothing serious about it and everyone does something to make their book a worth it read for anyone who reads it.

The comments were made after Shahid took some shots at Gautam Gambhir for his attitude.

Varun said, “Everybody wants to make the book interesting for the readers. But as far as I know, all India-Pakistan cricketers have good relations off the field. Knowing all the Pakistan players, we are just like brothers from another country. All of the guys speak to each other in Punjabi, otherwise, I don’t see anything much serious in this issue.”

Varun believes that India could win the World Cup 2019 as they have the balance that every team should have.

He also said that having MS Dhoni with them is very good, especially for Virat Kohli, who is India’s Captain.

He added, “Dhoni is the most accomplished captain that India has ever had. I am glad that Virat has Dhoni in his ranks who can give him advice. Dhoni marshaling the troops from behind will play a crucial role in the upcoming World Cup.”

India and Pakistan will meet each other after 42 days in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

The match is set on June 16 (Sunday) and will start by 10:30 Local (15:00) IST. The match will be played at the Old Trafford in Manchester, England.

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