What Happens If A Girl Pees In Public, See The Shocking Reactions Of Men

This video is about showing the reactions of men when a girl pees in public. This video was shot in Delhi and it shows the guys peeing beside the roads. If a girl does the same peeing in public in the streets as boys, the reactions were weird. People don’t bother about guys peeing on the roads but if a girl pees, that seems to be disgusting. Why people don’t react when a boy pees and why they react when a girl pees on the streets in public.

Is this the way we keep our surroundings, city and country so ugly without having any responsibility as a citizen of the country. No one would or will encourage women to pee in public. The point that the makers want to show is if it’s inappropriate for a woman to pee in public, why are we not so disgusted when we see a man peeing in public?

Please question yourself and make India neat and clean. Thank you for watching.

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