What Made Ravana Tear His Head, Belly And A Hand To Apologize To Lord Shiva

Most of the time in Indian mythologies, especially in Ramayana there hasn’t been any clear context or brief of the demon king Ravana. It is been always mystery and debate for the people who are concerned over the history and Ramayana. Some of the fascinating facts of him are that though he was born as a raakshasa, the demon while he emerged up as genius by will which made him to be a successful ruler of all the three worlds with might  powers of even controlling sunset and sunrise.

ravana uprooting mount kailash

Why Did Devout Follower of Lord Shiva Tore his Head And A Hand To Apologize

Despite being born as raakshasa, King Ravana was a devout follower of Lord Shiva. Though Ravana claimed himself as the devout follower of Lord Shiva, while astonishingly he challenged  the destroyer, Lord Shiva and always wishes to defeat him. Demon King Ravana attacked the Lord Shiva’s home Mount Kailash,  with is abyssal great power at his administration and Lanka under his rule dominion.

Ravana who went to lord Shiva’s abode was unable to cross the over mount Kailash with his Pushpak Vimana (plane). Upon which he was warned by the bull-faced steed of Lord Shiva, Nandi that he is restricted to enter the mount Kailash as Lord Shiva and Parvati were enjoying dalliance on the mountain.

ravana playing veena with is intestines to please lord shiva

After being ascertained with this word of advice from Nandi, he mocked Nandi and made up his mind to root out the mountain. Completely filled up with his unmanageable anger Ravana placed his 20 arms and 10 heads under Mount Kailasha. As a result of his efforts and transfinite force Mount, Kailash started diddering and trembling which was comprehended by scared goddess Parvati to  Lord Shiva.

Being ascertained with the ill-faming and high-handedness act of Ravana, Lord Shiva trapped him underneath of mount Kailash pressing it with his toe. The out and out absolute pressure made by Lord Shiva with his toe made demon king Ravana to scream obstreperously. As a result of the clamorous scream of Ravan the earth was shattering under his feet.

Watch King Ravana Playing Veena with His Intestines (Video in Telugu)

Understanding, his incapability before the almighty lord Shiva, he started singing and chanting the hymns of lord Shiva to praise him following the advice of his ministers. To get released from the captivity under mount Kailash king Ravana one of his heads and built a veena (musical instrument) from it and used his tendons and intestines for the strings and began singing.

Pleased with the enlightenedness and gestures Ravana, lord Shiva freed him after a thousand years which made him to became one the greatest devotee ever.

Arrogance wins nothing.

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