Daughter of Politician says it’s a Black Day for Maharashtra

Smita Patil says its a black day for the state of Maharashtra

Daughter of NPC Leader RR Patil, was really upset when the Supreme Court decided to lift a lot of restrictions on the dance bars that are located in Maharashtra.

RR Patil was the home minister who banned the dance bars in Maharashtra, he was the home minister in the Congress-NCP by that time.

Smita Patil, daughter of late RR Patil said: “I felt really sad, it is unfortunate from Maharashtra’s point of view. It is a black day for the state.”

RR Patil was really moved by the troubles of some families had to face due to those dance bars, and that is the reason why he decided to put an end and banned these types of establishments in Maharashtra.

Ajit Pawar the NCP leader said that RR Patil banned the dance bar so he could save the youth of the upcoming generation, he added: “But the state government did not present its side properly before the court. The BJP has forced us to see this black day.”

The Supreme Court on Thursday has uplifted some restrictions of dance bars in Maharashtra, this will allow re-openings of bars in the district.

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