10 Impossible Records That Baahubali Has Achieved On The First Day Itself

India’s most awaited magnum opus project Baahubali- The Conclusion was out on 28th April, right as expected, the movie swept away many records, even garnered wide critical acclaim, proved that it deserves all the hype it has prior to the release. There were days when people used to believe that Rs 500 crores are a number only Bollywood can reach. Two years back, SS Rajamouli‘s Baahubali-The Beginning proved it wrong, the movie has broken every possible record garnering fame and dignity to the Indian cinema.

The first part has earned critical reception and amusing box office collections hitting more than Rs 600 crores. Baahubali is currently the third highest grossing movie in India. Starting as a regional movie, this movie’s excellence has prevailed across the whole country, like a wildfire. Now, the sequel is on, people are eagerly waiting for the answers, peculiarly ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?’ (WKKB), the most important and intriguing one.

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Following is the list of vital records that Baahubali has achieved within its first dawn:

1) Occupying more than 95% of theater space on the first day is one of the most prominent records the movie has achieved. No other Indian movie ever did this feat earlier.

2) Baahubali has hit the 9000 screens count, which no movie has ever achieved before.

3) Earlier, Aamir Khan starred Dangal held the record for highest advance booking collections which was 18 crores, Baahubali double hit the Dangal’s record reaching the 36 crores massive amount.

4) Baahubali now holds the record highest ever opening for an Indian movie with the collections summing up to 121 crores.

5) First Indian movie to make a market worth Rs 500 crores prior its release.

6) Highest non-holiday opener; as we mentioned above, it enjoyed a massive opening in spite of being released on a non-holiday weekend.

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7) Surprisingly, the tickets were sold at Rs 2400 in some theaters, making it the country’s costliest ticket.

8) First Indian movie to get more than 800 screens in the United States.

9) Only regional language movie that ever crossed Rs 100 crores on the first day.

10) No dubbed movie has had such a grand opening; for Bahubali 2 everything seems to be possible.

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