3 Bolivian Brothers Hospitalized After Letting Black Widow Bite Them To Become Spider-Men

3 young brothers from Bolivia were rushed to a hospital after getting a black widow spider to bite them, thinking it would turn them into Spider-Man, said authorities.

The 3 boys, who are aged 12, 10, and 8 years old, found the spider while they were herding goats in Chayanta.

The news was announced by a Ministry of Health official during a coronavirus briefing on Saturday.

The minor kids thought that the spider bite will give them superhero powers like how spider-man got theirs.

They prodded it with a stick until it bit each of them in turn, said Virgilio Pietro, the official.

Their mother rushed them to a nearby hospital, which transferred them to another hospital after they were found crying in pain.

After that, the 3 children were transferred a third time, taken to the Children’s Hospital in La Paz the next day.

The kids were having high fevers, tremors, and muscle pains.

The 3 were successfully treated and discharged a week after they got bitten by the deadly spider.

Pietro shared the drama as a warning to parents, saying that for children, everything is real, even if movies are portraying illusion.

For those that do not know, the venom of black widows is 15 times stronger than the venom of a rattlesnake.

Their venom is one of the most venomous in North America and is capable of killing a person if not treated.

Children are at the risk of getting fatal from its bite, and so are the elderly and the infirm.

National Geographic says that these insects are not aggressive and only bite in self-defense.

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