Brave Pet Dog Jumps Into The Sea To Scare A Shark Away To Protect Its Owner

A brave dog was caught on cam diving right straight into the sea in order to scare a shark away that was swimming near its owner.

The incident reportedly happened at the Haggerstone Island Resort, which is located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine, Australia.

Jack Strickland, the person that took the video, said that Tilly, the dog, jumped straight into the water and leaped towards the shark.

Ahh, I would never do such a thing.

The best thing about this is that the shark got scared and swam away with the dog coming out of the water without sustaining any injuries.

Jack shared the video on his Instagram Page, which is known as Back 2 Basics Adventures.

He shared the video with the caption: “Tilly the guard dog keeping the sharks away from Haggerstone Island.”

Here are some comments that people made in the post:

A user said: “When the hunter gets hunted”

Another user said: “Wow that looks super cool. Mad dog mate. Lucky that didn’t go south. Haha.”

A third user said: “Brave dog”

No matter what you think, the video is just scary and everything that the dog did is heroic.

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