Chinese Soldier Breaks Down In Tears At His Late Sniffer Dog’s Funeral After Working With Loyal Dog For 12 Years

Dogs are extremely loyal and when something happens to them, real pet owners have a hard time coping up.

Wang Rujian, a soldier from China, worked alongside Tianbao, a dog, for 12 years and when the dog passed away, it was all tears for the soldier.

According to reports, Rujian trained the pup at the Shandong Search and Rescue Dog Professional Mobile Detachment for the provincial fire department.

According to reports, Tianbao passed away last month after suffering multiple organ failures.

Tianbao, whose names translates to “treasure of heaven” had a tribute ceremony held for him on August 19, 2020.

Rujian was there, and images that were shared with the public showed him holding onto the gravestone of the dog.

He was in tears.

Talking about the dog, Rujian said:

Tianbao, it was worth having you all the way. May you rest in peace.

When the dog was just a pup, Rujian started to train him so he could become a sniffer dog.

Their training started in the year 2008.

According to the Shandong Firefighting Department, the dog managed to accomplish over 30 major missions with Tianbao.

In 2011, Tianbao was awarded the title of ‘Meritorious Dog’ for saving survivors of the 2010 Yushu Earthquake.

The Yushu Earthquake let nearly 2700 people dead, 270 missing, and 12,135 injured.

The actions of Tianbao, the super dog, helped authorities save a number of people, which includes the life of his handler.

Rujian said that the collapsed during the search and rescue mission when he was looking for survivors that were trapped in the debris.

He was kept alive by Tianbao, who bit his legs to keep him awake.

The dog continued to bark so attention can be drawn towards them.

His handler was rescued by authorities and he survived.

In the year 2015, Tianbao was also part of the rescue missions that were carried out after the Tianjin explosions, a series of chemical blasts that killed 173 people and injured hundreds of others.

A year after that, Tianbao retired.

Official reports suggest that the dog had 8 solid years of serving his country.

Tianbao was left at the kennel after his retirement, so Rujian took care of him and the 2 were reunited again.

On July 26, 2020, Tianbao passed away.

Such good bond with the 2, may God bless the souls of the 2.

Rest in peace Tianbao.

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