Extremely Rare White Wild Camel Pictured For The First Time Ever In Annanba Wild Camel National Nature Reserve

An extremely rare white wild camel has been pictured for the first time ever and the animal world is going ballistic over the very rare discovery.

Officials from the Annanba Wild Camel National Nature Reserve in China believe that it is the first time a camel with all-white fur has been spotted.

Images and video that were shared on the internet show 11 camels drinking water at a watering hole and the extremely rare white camel standing out because of its unusual and very rare color.

The sad part about this is that white furred or albino animals do not live long enough because of their unique color, which makes them an easy target for predators that are roaming around them.

Wang Xinai, who works with the Xinjiang Wild Camel Protection Association, confirmed that the animal exists.

Xinai also confirmed that the camel is an albino wild camel.

The camel has a white color that is a result of a missing gene, which governs the fur color.

This is the same genetic problem that gives white tigers and white lions their very unique and rare color.

The Xinjiang Wild Camel Protection Association hopes to study the extremely rare camel to see if it has pale skin and pink eyes, which would officially make it an albino camel.

Albino animals are very rare to be pictured because there are very few roaming freely in the wild or in captivity.

This is such an amazing find in times like these, let’s just hope that no one hunts down these animals and that they survive or get rescued so they could get the extreme and most loving care that they need.

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