Filipino Reporter Stays Calm During Live TV Broadcast Despite Her Cats Fighting Furiously Behind Her

Doris Bigornia, a well-known Filipino journalist, is viral all over the world right now because her cats were caught on cam fighting behind her during a live TV broadcast.

On May 15, 2020, Doris was speaking through a telephone to a guest on her news show when her pets started to fight behind her.

Doris, who has been broadcasting from her house due to the coronavirus pandemic, could be seen trying to mitigate the interruption while continuing to hold a conversation with her guest.

Nikki, the daughter of Boris, provided context to the scrape by sharing the footage on social media.

She posted the video along with the caption of:


She later uploaded a second video of her cats, Bella Luna and Nala, licking one another after the scuffle.

The footage went viral right away.

Doris and Nikki, her daughter, own 2 other pet cats, named Edward and Simba.

The mother and daughter are fans of the Lion King and Twilight.

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