Heartbroken Pet Pooch Looks For Dead Chinese Owner And Tries To Dig Into His Tomb

A heartbroken pet pooch was so faithful that he ended up digging into the tomb of his owner after he died in China.

Huzi, a 12-year-old pooch, was missing its late owner so much that he tried to dig into the man’s tomb after he was brought to the graveyard.

In clips that were shared on the internet, Huzi could be seen digging into the tomb of his owner and could be seen tearing up in the video.

Wu, the owner, died recently from an illness and was known to be a long-term companion of the grandpa, said the daughter of Wu.

The emotional video was shared and captured by the children of Wu.

The family said they brought the dog to visit their father’s grave after the pooch started to find for its owner.

The daughter of Mr. Wu said, “We went to the tomb together. It walked around the tomb a few times and then lay there without moving. I saw it starting to tear and it refused to leave when we called it home.”

The daughter called on Huzi and tried to get the pooch back home, but the dog refused to move from the tomb of the pooch.

Huzi was reportedly really close to Mr. Hu.

The pair reportedly stayed together for over 10 years.

The daughter of Mr. Wu said Huzi refused to eat and drink for 3 days after his owner died.

The daughter of Mr. Wu said, “We thought at the time that [Huzi] was old and therefore it did not want to eat, but it started to eat again after my father was buried. It really understands our feelings.”

Rest in peace, Mr. Wu.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Mr. Wu.

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