Kerith The Adorable Golden Retriever Therapy Dog Offers Hugs to Firefighters Battling California Wildfires

Comfort amidst high-tensions or stress can help a lot in dealing with the problems that you are facing, and there’s nothing better than a hug.

Kerith, a dog, is a joyful dog that was destined to help people and the best thing about this is that her mother knew this.

Heidi Carman, the mother of Kerith, said:

She loves people so much that when she meets someone for the first time she acts like it’s her long-lost best friend. She never runs out of love to give to people.

Initially, Kerith was being trained to become a guide dog for people that are blind, however,everything changed.

The dog ended up becoming a therapy dog.

For the past 1 year, Kerith has been working with local firefighters, providing them comfort in times of need,and with recent wildfires spreading across California, our firefighters needed her love the most.

Talking about Kerith, Heidi said:

Kerith has been going to base camps where the crews start their day before they roll out to fight one of the many wildfires in CA. She lightens the mood first thing in the morning. We walk around to visit all the crews while they are getting ready for their day of fighting fires. Everyone wants to see her to get some love.

Recently, the fires in California became very dangerous, so the job of the firefighters became more stressful.

In order to provide comfort, Kerith went to the center of the scene and started to work and do her adorable love magic.

Kerith let everyone hug her in the times of so much destruction and pain so they could get a break and become motivated again.

Talking about Kerith, Heidi said:

Kerith clearly loves what she is doing. When she sees a fire engine she gets so excited because she knows she is going to see her firefighter friends.

Stories like these are what tells us that there is still faith in humanity and that we need to treat dogs and other animals better.

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