Mexican Researchers Discover New Species Of Venomous Spider That Rots Human Flesh

Scientists in Mexico have discovered a species of venomous spider with venom that is so dangerous that it can rot human flesh with just a single bite.

Loxosceles Tenochtitlan, the new species of venomous spider, is capable of leaving lesions of dead flesh up to 14 inches with a single bite.

Researchers said the venom of the new spider is capable of rotting flesh, but it is not lethal.

The spider has been found living in furniture, fabrics, and other parts of houses in Central Mexico.

The spider was found by researchers who are working with the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which is located in the city of Tlaxcala.

The discovery was made in Central Mexico.

The new species was discovered by Alejandro Valdez-Mondragon, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a biologist, along with Claudia Navarro, Karen Solis, Mayra Cortez, and Alma Juarez, his students.

Further studies that were conducted suggested that the new species of spider is native to the Valley of Mexico Region.

Initially, the researchers thought the Loxosceles Tenochtitlan was different species of spider that lives in Guerrero and Morelos-Loxosceles Misteca, 2 states that are located in Mexico.

Professor Valdez-Mondragon, said, “As it is very similar to the Loxosceles misteca we thought that it had been introduced to this region by the shipping of ornamental plants, but when doing molecular biology studies of both species, we realized that they are completely different.”

Researchers are now sending out warnings to people in Central Mexico.

Once the Loxosceles Tenochtitlan attacks, the venom that it releases will rot the human flesh.

Professor Valdez-Mondragon lashes out at humans with its vicious bite if it feels threatened.

The Loxosceles Tenochtitlan is also being called as the recluse spider. It has 8 legs and loves hiding in holes that are present in walls, objects, and furniture.

Professor Valdez said, “We provide them with the temperature, humidity, and food to establish themselves in our homes, which puts us at risk of having an accident with them, although they also perform an important ecological function when feeding on insects.”

Researchers said the only way to keep these spiders out of your house is by keeping your house clean and tidy.

Researchers also suggest house owners remove or cover any potential hiding spots or holes in furniture, objects, and walls inside their houses.

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