Over 360 Elephants Mysteriously Die In Botswana, Investigation Launched

More than 360 elephants have died in mysterious circumstances in Botswana in the past 3 months, said local conservationists.

According to Niall McCann, the director of conservation at the United Kingdom Charity National Park Rescue, some carcasses of the elephant were found clustered around waterholes.

Others died after falling flat on their faces.

Some Elephants near the affected area appeared physically weak and others were not affected by whatever killed the other elephants.

The government of Botswana is currently testing samples from the dead elephants, however, they are yet to determine a cause of death.

According to McCann, the first unusual number of elephant carcasses were first recorded at the start of May this year.

He said:

It’s appalling — we need to know what the hell is going on.

Botswana is home to 130,000 African elephants, more than any other country that is present in Africa.

McCann said that the carcasses were found in Okavango Delta, which is home to 10 percent of the country’s elephants.

Experts are currently thinking that poisoning or an unknown pathogen could be behind the deaths of the elephants.

Anthrax has been ruled out by experts.

McCann said:

When we’ve got a mass die-off of elephants near human habitation at a time when wildlife disease is very much at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it seems extraordinary that the government has not sent the samples to a reputable lab.

Locals said that elephants in the area were seen walking around in circles, which indicates neurological impairment.

There are around 15,000 elephants that are living in Delta.

No deaths have been reported in the neighboring countries of Botswana.

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