Raccoon Shot Dead By Hunter In Germany After Being Spotted In Drunken State At A Christmas Market

A raccoon was shot dead by a hunter after it passed out after drinking mulled wine at a Christmas Market in Germany.

Authorities said the raccoon got hold of the alcohol after sipping mulled wine leftovers from glasses in the Erfurt Market in Germany.

A spokesperson for the Erfurt Police said the raccoon that was killed was in an intoxicated state.

The spokesperson confirmed that a breathalyzer test on the animal was not carried out.

A video of the incident shows the raccoon stumbling around in the market, sleeping on a step, and even playing with a woman’s shoes.

People who were passing by in the area filmed the drunken raccoon as they laughed at it.

Unfortunately, the raccoon that got drunk did not have a happy ending.

The Animal rescue SWE Tierheim Erfurt brought the raccoon to their shelter but was later handed over to a local hunter who shot the poor little fella dead.

The Animal rescue SWE Tierheim Erfurt released a statement about the raccoon on twitter and said, “Unfortunately, the story of the drunken raccoon did not have a happy ending. The city hunter took him away and shot him dead.”

Raccoons are not protected by Germany’s conservation laws and animal acts, which allows humans and hunters to hunt them legally.

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