Caught On Cam: Plane Gets Hit By 3 Lightning Bolts At Once

A shocking video that was shared on the internet shows a plane getting hit by 3 massive lightning bolts before it landed at London’s Heathrow Airport.

According to an article published by Yahoo News, the video was shot in Central London, UK, moments before the airplane tried to land at the airport.

The weather at that time was stormy.

In the video, 3 forks of lighting could be seen striking the airplane.

The lightning bolts came from different directions before converging to hit the airplane, which continues to fly after the impact.

An eyewitness that saw the entire incident said:

What a moment to get the camera out. When I watched it back I thought ‘Oh my God it’s hit the plane. Flipping heck’. It was such a large bolt it looks like it hit the floor. I just hope no one was hurt. It looked like it just missed St James’ Church across in Bermondsey.

The video was recorded on June 6, 2020.

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