Rookie Cop Gets Lifetime Ban From Police After Stealing 7 Fry-Ups In First Week Of Job

A rookie police officer has been banned from working with the police for life after he was caught stealing 7 seven fry-ups from the Canteen in his first week of the job.

PC Jamie Larman helped himself despite knowing that he was supposed to pay for the food.

A misconduct hearing said that trainees whose homes were more than 20 miles away could stay on-site and get free meals, but Larman lived near to the training center.

The incident happened in Sulhamstead, Berks.

He was caught when another Thames Valley Police officer head him say:

I’m not entitled to this but I should be, I only live just inside the boundary.

Larman later claimed that he had nicked the food to build rapport with colleagues.

He is now banned from applying for any job in any police force in Britain again.

20-year-old Larman was a Police Community Support Officer before he started working as a constable in January this year.

Larman quit from his job after he was challenged about stealing the breakfasts.

According to reports, the 20-year-old was also warned last year when he was caught nicking food before a training day as a PCSO.

John Campbell, a Chief Constable, said:

He states his actions were to build rapport with colleagues who met early for breakfast ahead of training. I consider this nonsense. To compound this, there is evidence he behaved similarly as a PCSO. He has no place in Thames Valley Police. If he was still serving, I would have dismissed him without notice.

One of the relatives of Larman said during the hearing:

It’s pathetic. He’s not like that. He’s never been in trouble in his life. He’s getting on with his life and looking for another job.

Do you think it was right for the court to ban the young man from working with the police because he stole food?

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