2 Coronavirus Doctors Beaten By Family Members Of Patient That Died Of The Lethal Disease

2 doctors in China were beaten by the family members of a 68-year-old man who died of the lethal disease, which doesn’t have any vaccine or cure.

The family member of the old man reportedly hit the 2 doctors and ripped open their hazmat suits and masks as they were inside a room full of patients with the virus.

The police have arrested the suspect and have launched an investigation for the incident.

The assault took place at the Number 4 Hospital of Wuhan, China.

The news was shared by the Beijing Youth Daily, a news agency in China.

Pictures that were shared by the local news agencies show the injuries on the neck of a doctor that was involved in the incident.

According to Beijing Youth Daily, the attacker was angry that his 68-year-old father-in-law had been killed by the fast-spreading virus.

A nurse told the news agency that the hazmat suits that were worn by the doctors were torn apart by the attacker.

One of the medics who were beaten sustained fractures and had to have a cast.

The medic, whose identity was not shared with the public, hoped that people would pay more attention to the virus instead of the attack.

The attacker was identified as Ke.

The public security bureau of the Quiakou District in Wuhan, China, said that the attacker was emotional when he beat the 2 doctors.

The police confirmed that the face masks and the hazmat suits of the doctors were ripped open during the incident.

The police arrested Ke in the quarantine units of the hospital.

An official investigation has been launched by the police.

The coronavirus has officially killed over 370 people and has infected over 17,000 in China alone.

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