China Is Arresting People That Are Criticizing Beijing’s Coronavirus Response

According to reports, China has arrested 8 people for spearing rumors about the coronavirus epidemic on social media platforms or websites.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the number of people in jail on the same charges can be much higher.

It is still unclear whether these people went to jail because they were actually spreading false information or because they were saying things that the government of China did not approve of.

On January 3, 2020, the government of China arrested 8 residents in Wuhan for publishing or forwarding false information on the internet without having reliable proof or verification.

On Sunday this week, the government of China issued a warning that anyone caught using social media to share information about the coronavirus that is not from the state-run media or organizations will be acing anywhere from 3 to 7 years in jail.

The 8 people that the police arrested were reported to be doctors who were working to contain the coronavirus.

In defense, China says they are doing the best to stop people from spearing false or unauthorized information.

On Thursday this week, China Digital Times, a California-based website that covers news in China, obtained and published a message that was issued to the media of the country.

In the message, the government ordered all recipients to delete a specific article that was written by the Sanlian Life Week , a state-owned weekly news magazine.

Sanlian wrote, “Once the full involvement of WHO is triggered, it means that the pneumonia epidemic will escalate into an international event. The impact of the Chinese economy will become even more uncontrollable, and the goal of doubling the Chinese economy in 2020 may be difficult to achieve.”

On Wednesday, the WHO (World Health Organization) was effusive in its praise of the Chinese government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, but inside the country, the government is working overtime to make sure any shortcomings in its response don’t come to light.

In a bid to counteract the negative comments about the government’s response to the outbreak, the state-backed media outlets have been producing gushing reports about Beijing’s efforts to address the crisis.

The government of China built a new hospital that is built in Wuhan, made especially for people diagnosed with the virus.

But earlier this week, the government of China was criticized after several news media outlets shared false images of the hospitals.

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