China Shows Off Futuristic Guns That Are Capable Of Piercing Steel Without Making Any Sound

In a video demonstration that was recently released by China, a new coil gun, which is being called futuristic, was seen and it is capable of punching through wood and steel without many any sound.

Well, that’s it folks, we have peeked.

According to reports, the futuristic coil guns use electromagnetic propulsion instead of gunpowder, which helps them stay quiet.

Conventional guns use an explosion to propel bullets.

In coil guns, which was shown in the amazing video, conducting coils are present around the barrel and when a current passes through it, it creates a magnetic flux through the center.

The force of the coils attracts and the projectile is launched.

In the video that was shared with the public, Chinese soldiers demonstrate the coil guns on several materials, which include a sheet of solid steel and 7 layers of wood.

Every time the gun was used, the bullet that it fired ruptured the material that was aimed at, and a perfect hole could be seen.

However, the biggest drawback with coil guns is the high amount of energy that is required to fire a bullet.

China did not reveal how many bullets can be fired before the coil gun needs to be recharged again.

No other information was also shared about the gun in the video.

However, it is expected that the guns will be used for future stealth missions carried out by special forces due to the fact that they are extremely quiet.

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