Chinese Police Rescue Paralyzed Mother From Grave 3 Days After Her Son Buried Her Alive

A paralyzed mother was pulled from her grave 3 days after her own son buried her alive.

79-year-old Wang Mou, a Chinese national, was pulled out of an abandoned pit in the Shaanxi Province of China by the police.

It is said that the officers pulled her out of the grave by grabbing her feet.

Local media reports said that she spent 3 days inside the pit before she got discovered.

The elderly lady was rushed to a hospital right away, she is believed to be in a very stable condition.

58-year-old Mou, her son, was arrested by the police and is currently and is facing an attempted murder charge.

Zhang Mou, the wife of Mou, alerted the police after her mother-in-law disappeared on the morning of Tuesday.

She said that she saw her husband put Wang on a pushcart and wheel her out of the home on the night of May 2, 2020.

Wang is paralyzed.

She cannot walk by herself without any assistance.

When Ma returned home in the early hours the next day without his mother, the woman got concerned.

When she asked what happened to Wang, Ma said that he had hired a driver to take her to stay with her relatives.

Soon after Zhang called the police to report the entire incident, Ma was arrested and interrogated.

While in custody he said that he had taken his mother to a forest 2 or 3 kilometers from their house and dumped her in an empty graveyard pit.

Authorities rushed to the location and rescued the mother.

They then heard a faint cry for help and pulled Wang from the ground.

She was showing signs of life when authorities found her.

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