Drone Footage Shows Quarantine Has Turned Wuhan Into Ghost Town

The deadly coronavirus has killed 811 people in China and has infected over 37,198 people, making the virus deadlier compared to the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

Wuhan, the city where the virus started from, is currently in lockdown, trying to make sure that the virus doesn’t spread to different countries or to other people.

After the virus broke out, the government of China announced that Wuhan will be blocked for all in and outs for transportations, which means no one is allowed to enter and leave the city without the approval of the government.

Wuhan, which is the home of over 11 million people, is in quarantine, and the horrible video of the current situation in the city shows that the city has turned into a ghost town.

The city is called as the virus ground zero for the outbreak of the disease.

Since January 23, 2020,  the government of China has ensured that the city will stay under lockdown, under its efforts to contain the outbreak.

Public transport has all been stopped.

Many are considering this as the biggest quarantine in human history.

The virus is believed to have spread after humans ate a certain animal, which was bought from the seafood market in Wuhan.

After the quarantine policy for Wuhan was announced, officials placed 15 other cities on lockdown as well.

The total number of residents in quarantine is believed to be at around 45 million.

The government of China has also placed a ban on transportations, which came in the middle of the Lunar New Year celebration.

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