Jealous Mother Shot Her Ex-Husband’s New “Attractive” Girlfriend Dead In Front Of Their 3-Year-Old Twins

USA: A jealous mother shot dead her husband’s new girlfriend in front of their own 3-year-old twins.

According to reports, Chelsea Cook was in an extreme rage over the happy relationship of Travis Cook, her ex-husband, with 26-year-old Lisa Vilate Williams after they got divorced in January 2018.

She committed the heinous crime as their own children watched everything.

On November 15, 2018, the father of the kids had them at his apartment in Midvale, Utah, and was making Christmas decorations with the help of Lisa.

Cook texted Travis about some cough medicine for 1 of the children and told him to meet her in the car park of their apartment.

Travis went down and waited, but Cook managed to get inside the apartment after sneaking in.

After Travis realized that he had been lured out of the house, he ran upstairs to find his ex-wife confronting Lisa.

Travis asked her a number of times to leave the house and when she refused, he called 911.

Cook then locked herself in the bathroom for 15 seconds and burst out with a handgun.

Cook reached for her coat and pulled out a handgun and fired 2 bullets towards Lisa in front of their terrified children.

Lisa was shot in the chest and her back.

She fell back seriously injured onto the sofa and passed away due to bullet injuries.

The shooter is a schoolteacher at Skybridge High School in Utah, USA.

Cook has pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, aggravated burglary, firearm felonies, and committing violent offenses in front of children.

The heartless mother was reportedly crying when she admitted the charges in front of her own children.

Hyrum Williams, the brother of Lisa, was in the court and he told the shooter:

Because of you, I no longer get to hear her contagious laughter bouncing around the house. When you took Lisa’s life, you took a light from this world.

Cook cried and apologized to the family of Lisa and told them that she was only thinking of herself at that time and was in extreme emotional pain.

The judge sentenced Cook to serve 34 years in prison.

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