Lottery Winner Gives Half Of $22 Million To Best Pal So He Could Keep Their 30-Year Long Promise

Thomas Cook, a man of his word, made a promise to his best bud 30 years ago and said that if he ever wins the lottery jackpot, he would split it with him.

Well, he ended up winning the jackpot and also shared the price with his best bud.

Cook and Joseph Feeney, his best pal, shook hands and agreed to split any big win back in the year 1992.

Thomas said he was eating breakfast while checking his numbers and could not believe what he was seeing, so he handed the ticket to his wife so she could check it out.

It was in fact right, and he had won $22 million USD.

Talking about the big win, Thomas said:

It was quite an experience when I read those first two or three numbers. I kind of froze and handed them to [his wife] and she froze.

Thomas then went on to explain that he and Joseph had been playing the draw each week since it began and had always had an agreement that they will split the money if they won.

The 2 said they had no thought of winning because the chances were really slim.

After realizing that he had won, Thomas went to his best pal and told him that they have become millionaires.

When he got the news, Joseph asked Cook:

Are you jerking my bobber?

I mean, I would have said the same thing.

The pair said that they have not decided what they will be doing with the money that they won, but they did say that they will be enjoying a comfortable retirement.

Thomas said that he will spend more time with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Thomas added:

We can pursue what we feel comfortable with. I can’t think of a better way to retire.

Such an amazing thing to hear during times like these.

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