Picture Of Tomato Goes Viral Because It Looks Like NBA Legend Larry Bird

A picture of a tomato went viral on social media recently after NBA fans on Twitter believed that it looked exactly like Larry Bird.

Larry Bird is an NBA Legend and a Hall of Famer that played for the Boston Celtics.

@bingowings14, a Twitter User, shared a picture of a tomato with that had a puzzled expression.

After the image went viral, social media users started to point out the fact that the tomato looked exactly like NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird.

Who Is Larry Bird?

Larry Bird, an NBA icon, grew up in West Baden, Indiana, which is a small village located outside French Lick.

He made the NBA All-Star team in 13 of his 14 seasons, won 3 Most Valuable Player Awards, and won 3 NBA titles with the Boston Celtics.

Bird was one of the key players in the 80s to bring the NBA in a whole new level.

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