Kind Woman Who Visited And Fed Chained Dog For 1 Year Gets To Adopt The Pooch

A kind woman who visited and fed a dog that was chained to a tree for a year ended up adopting the pooch after the real owner of the dog was forced to give the pooch.

Laura Seymour, the kind woman, went to see pooch 3 times per week and gave her a bowl of food to make sure it was getting fed.

Seymour also called the local animal control a number of times, but they told her that the dog was not considered to be maltreated as it already had proper access to food and water.

The dog also had a house.

Seymour knew the real owner of the pooch was not caring for her properly, so she visited the pooch for 1 year.

Seymour took videos of the happy hound greeting her with licks and a wagging tail.

After enduring a snowy and cold winter, Laura became more concerned about the welfare of Takia, the pooch.

Laura was having fears Takia would overheat in the hot sun.

Sick and tired of how the owner was treating the pooch, Laura called the animal control again.

This time, the animal control took action and called her later that day confirming the owner of the pooch has been asked to surrender the dog.

After finding the good news, Laura jumped at the chance.

Now, Laura had a good chance of adopting the pooch for a good and forever time.

During an interview with The Dodo, Laura said Takia is like a new dog and she feels very lucky to have adopted her.

Laura said, “As soon as I found out she was five I was like, that’s awesome, yay, I got so much time with her, but then again, I can’t believe she went through sleeping outside 24-7 and in the mud.”

She added, “It rained, it snowed, and she was just sleeping outside in the mud. There’s just something about her, I got super lucky, I really did.”

Initially, Laura admitted she was cautious about approaching Takia as she was a very huge dog.

She explained, “I’m like, “I don’t know if I’m gonna go over and it’s gonna be OK”.”

She added, “I actually just walked straight up to her and she was the happiest dog I’ve ever seen, she was wagging her tail.”

After their initial encounter, Laura realized Takia started to recognize her car and appeared very excited each time she arrived.

At first, she didn’t know if anyone was living at the house.

The dog was chained to a tree.

She told the Dodo: “I’m like, “Oh my gosh I have to take this dog.”

She added, “I’m gonna have to steal it, I’m gonna have to do something for it. I was like, “No I’ll go to jail for this dog”.”

Laura admitted that she was pretty mad after the animal control said the pooch was being sufficiently looked after by the owner.

A year after she first saw the pooch, Laura was worried about Takia, especially during the heat.

Her concerns led her to call the authorities again, urging them to look at the pooch’s situation.

After the pooch was rescued, Laura agreed to take her.

Laura said Takia now sleeps in her bed during the night.

Laura just proved how strong love can be!

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