Apple Bans ‘Throw Your Phone’ App Intended to Break Your Phone

Have you ever thrown your phone in the air intentionally? If you’re interested in doing so, you can try installing S.M.T.H. app on your smartphone. A smartphone app encourages users to toss their devices into the air as high as they can. S.M.T.H. is a smartphone app abbreviated as Send Me To Heaven which encourages the users in throwing their smartphones as high as possible that could eventually result in the damage of their device. The game detects the way users are chucking their phone into the air and calculates how high the phone has been raised before falling back to the earth. According to the creator of this game, the main intention is to smash as many phones as possible.

Throw Your Phone App

The creator of the game was Petr Svarovsky, who was the man behind Carrot Pop, a Norwegian company which is very popular in making ‘nasty games’. There are plenty of such apps like Flirtman, Burn Cash, etc. which are a dastardly spoof of games with in-app purchases. All these games rank the users based on how much money they’re willing to throw away and daring enough to flirt someone. Let’s take a closer look into the details of the app and the reason behind the ban.

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S.M.T.H – Throw Your Phone

Send Me To Heaven is a sports game that supports Android smartphones where the player is supposed to throw his/her phone into the air as high as possible and catch it. The App measures the height the phone flew from player’s hand. The higher they throw, the better result they can achieve. It also displays the result and even there is a possibility to upload the result to the server and check results of other players.

Game - Send me to Heaven

Send me to Heaven was released in the year 2013 by Petr Svarovsky, but it failed to reach many of them because, everybody who really got into the game hastily broke their phone and had to stop playing. Now, it has become popular due to the hype starting around a new fan-made sequel. “The original idea was to have very expensive gadgets, which people in certain societies buy just to show off, and to get them to throw it,” Petr said via Skype.

Apple Banned S.M.T.H

The main intention behind this game is to smash as many phones as possible so that people will buy new phones that eventually boosts the sales of the gadgets. Apple has banned the game as it presumably failed to realise the potential correlation between sales of the app and new iPhone purchases. Not only that but also, the Android users who played the game caused ample destruction and they gave negative reviews on the Google Play Store.

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However, the Google Play Store have always been a bit more individualistic and that’s the reason, Android users are still free to wreck their devices using this app Send Me To Heaven.

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