Facebook Introduces ‘Music Stories’ – Lets You Share Music Right in Your News Feed

Facebook, the social networking giant seems to bring a lot more music on your News Feed. Facebook has made it easier to share music by introducing a new feature called Music Stories that allows people to post soundbites of their favorite songs right onto their Timelines. Facebook seems to make its News Feed more powerful and relevant to its users with the launch of this new post format. Through this feature, a person can listen to a 30-second preview of the shared song (or album) on the Facebook’s News Feed.

Facebook Music Stories

Music Stories comprises of 30-second clips of songs and albums from Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Facebook brings this new feature so that you no more have to install Spotify or Apple Music on your phone. Upon listening to a song on any streaming site, you can then hit on ‘share’. Just copy it can paste it on Facebook and you can even add a comment if desired so that your friend will be able to see the post with additional options to hear the song.

‘Music Stories’ – Share Music on your News Feed

Facebook’s new Music Stories indicates their the latest effort to expand forms of content at Facebook, allowing more than 1.5 billion users to swap messages, photos and videos. This is Facebook’s first major move toward music since it launched a deep integration with Spotify in 2011. Spotify’s partnership with Facebook helped Spotify grow in the US despite criticism from some artists.

Michael Cerda, Director of Product at Facebook wrote in a blog post, “We hope by making this experience better, artists will share more, friends will share and engage more, and music will become a better part of the Facebook experience overall.” Facebook is the world’s second most popular website after Google, added Michael.

The tech giant, Apple and the search engine giant, Google have both introduced paid platforms for music streaming which allows the user listen to unlimited, on-demand selection of songs online. So, Facebook also launched this new format that makes music sharing more accessible, even if it only uses 30-second clips. However, you can’t stream a full song on the Facebook’s News Feed.

Music Stories are only available in Facebook’s iOS app that pulls in streams shared to the social network from Spotify and Apple Music allowing users listen to sample songs and albums without having to leave the app. You can now expect your News Feed start filling up with shared songs and albums very soon.

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