ShopALike: The Door To Global E-Commerce

This new product aggregator adapts marketplace and facilitates the presence of Indian online shops abroad through direct online positioning of their products in target markets.

Globalization and online sales have opened a new dimension and business for retailers: store and client now relate to thousands of kilometers and the volume of online exports year after year is multiplied. But how to introduce and position in other markets effectively? An easy way to test marketing in other countries is ShopAlike, an aggregator already established in India.

ShopALike - all shops one site

This online sales platform has presence in 19 countries including Russia, Brazil and India and serves as the launching pad for shops focused on international sales. The company Visual Meta which was born in 2009 in Germany, having more than 360 e-commerce and 1,000 brands and works like a giant showcase for all of them.

Associated shops ensure a good position in the markets where ShopAlike operates and has a strong presence, which allows any Indian e-commerce stores compete with the target market without a huge investment or a great knowledge and study of the country. The only requirement is that e-commerce is prepared for the international sale and expects a product catalog in the appropriate language (except for those countries for working with English as a rule, including the Netherlands and the Nordic countries).

ShopAlike strong point is that simplifies the process of buying, avoiding need to do a search across many online stores. The platform offers advanced searches with the help of several filters to refine the results as much as possible. After selecting the product, the buyer is redirected to the website of the online store where the purchase ends.

Shopalike - Buy Cheap Men's Shoes Online in India

Since arriving in India during March 2014, through the domain , the site was well received, achieving a significant position in search engines soon. Today, one year later, can be considered one of the most important portals in the sector and with gradual increase in the number of daily visits. A substantial percentage of these users are that they know the page, making it have the user loyalty, not always readily available and much less in online trading.

Among the partner stores they have monsters like Amazon & Flipkart and have a target aimed primarily at fashion, footwear or aesthetics, but are open to all activities. ShopALike business model is based on charging for each click that achieved for the store.

For all businesses that want to export from India and test the service, ShopALike has designed an exclusive promotion:

  • Special CPC Price
  • Promotion in their social networks at no extra cost
  • Possibility to appear on the home page as a shop of the week at no additional cost
  • No fixed monthly rate
  • No long-term contract
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