British Tourists Are Paying Thousands To Shoot Baboons, Elephants, Giraffes, And Zebras For African Trophy Hunting Trips

A company that is owned by Derek Stocker specializes in hunting trips to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia that allow hunters to kill elephants, giraffes, monkeys, baboons, and zebras.

In order to kill an animal, a trophy hunter should pay 1,666 pounds for a giraffe, 6,422 for a hippopotamus, and 47 pounds for a monkey.

The company of Stocker says the trips are going to be “adventures of a lifetime.”

One trip starts at 1,050.

The website of Dereck Stocker shows customers posing with dead animals that they killed during their animal hunting.

Emily Padfield, a customer of the company, said, “We traveled to South Africa for a cull package. It exceeded our ­expectations. Truly the stuff dreams are made of.”

Steve Bull, a customer of the company, said, “I arranged with Derek to take me on a trip of a ­lifetime to Africa to hunt and what a trip. We hunted all the species that I had asked him to arrange trophies. My wife Lynn shot her first ever springbok. I have to say I will no doubt be returning for another great trip soon.”

The company owned by Dereck is the only remaining company in the UK that offers and organizes hunts in Africa.

The animals that are listed on the official website of ProStalk Tours are listed under the vulnerable list of species of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Another thing that is mentioned on the official website of ProStalk is that hunting “has ensured that South Africa’s wildlife conservation story has been a remarkable success.”

They added, “Hunting is such a controversial issue and unfortunately the uninformed public and animal rights activists are quick to condemn and determined to destroy an industry they know very little about.”

The company is yet to release an official statement about its killings.

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