Car Thief Caught In The Act Ran Away But Forgot His Phone And Driving License

A car thief had a very bad Monday when they got caught in the act trying to steal a van, but things got worse when they left some of their identities behind.

The car thief accidentally left their phone and driving license behind as they made their escape after getting caught in act.

The worst thing about this was that the phone of the thief had Facebook logged in the smartphone.

But one guy decided to have some fun with the villain.

The owner of the van tagged the thief on a post on Facebook and said:

Here is Newton Heath’s finest mastermind. Attempted to nick my mate’s van tonight. First major fault was being seen, second was leaving all, yes all, of his details behind. Phone, driving license (sic). No words but wow what a thick p***k. If anyone knows this guy please get in touch, he will need his phone back.”

Not only that, the owner went on to make a post on the Facebook account of the thief.

The post said:

Bet I’m wondering were(sic) my phone is right now? Fb wont(sic) let me add anyone think hes(sic) useing(sic) his smackhead powers to try and stop me.

If that is still not enough, wait cause there are more things.

The owner of the van also updated the work and info status of the thief on Facebook to “self-employed, dosser, and works for Entrepreneur.”

A spokesperson of the police said that the incident was not reported to them.

Reported or not, this one is pretty hilarious.

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