Chinese Man Bites Head Off Live Frog And Eats It Raw At China Wet Market

In a horrifying video that is viral on social media right now, you can see a man biting off a live frog’s head in China.

According to some reports, the video was taken in 2017 at a live animal market in China.

In the 57 second long video, a Chinese man can be seen walking up to a store in a wet market and grabbing a live frog from a container.

After turning the animal upside down, the man bites the amphibian’s head off while it writhes around in distress.

The man then proceeds to eat the insides of the frog.

Not only did e bite the frog’s head, but the man also ate the limbs of the poor little one.

The man in the video reportedly showed his tongue to the camera to show that he did eat the live frog.

A passerby in the video can be seen approving the horrible act of the man.

The man, who ate the frog, can be seen smiling at customers that were watching him eating the live frog in the wet market.

The video went viral on social media again after it was shared on Twitter.

Originally, the video was captured in 2017, but it went viral right away because people think that it happened at a market in China amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

As of writing this article, 277,220 people have contracted the novel coronavirus all over the world.

11,431 people have died after contracting the virus.

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