Heartbroken Woman Sends Tons Of Onions To Cheating Ex-Boyfriend

A heartbroken woman from China is viral on social media right now for sending a ton of onions to her ex-boyfriend, who she caught cheating.

The woman did this because she wanted to make her boyfriend cry as much as did.

The woman, who is known as Zhao, was left devastated after being dumped by her partner of over 1 year.

A picture that was released by the media in China shows the cheating boyfriend looking at the tons of onion after they got delivered to his door.

Zhao was furious when she discovered that her former lover did not shed any tears after they split up.

Zhao claims she spent 3 days straight in crying.

She ordered a ton of red onions to be delivered to her ex-boyfriend’s front door with a note that said:

I’ve cried for three days, now it’s your turn.

Social media footage showed a delivery driver with a truck loaded with the root vegetables at a residential compound in Zibo, Shandong of Eastern China as he tried to get in touch with the boyfriend of Zhao on Saturday.

An instruction was also sent out to the courier, which stated that they should not contact her and just dump the onions on the front door.

The delivery guy reportedly spent over 4 hours to move all the onions from the truck to the door of the man.

The woman told the press that she purchased the onions with hopes of making her ex-boyfriend cry as much as she did.

Zhao said:

I heard from my friends that he was not upset at all after breaking up [with me]. I spent three days at home crying. I was so heart-broken. So, I ordered a tonne of onions to his home. I’ve got money,’ said the ex-girlfriend. ‘I wanted him to know the taste of tears.

The ex-boyfriend told local news agencies that he broke up with Zhao because she was very dramatic.

He added:

My ex-girlfriend was very dramatic. She is telling everyone that I haven’t shed one tear since our break-up. Am I a bad person for simply not crying?

A neighbor who lives in the same complex as the boyfriend had some hilarious words for the onions.

The neighbor said:

I don’t know if her boyfriend cried, but I have definitely cried! This whole compound stinks of onions.

I am not crying, you are!

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