Seagull Miraculously Survives Air-Gun And Arrow Attacks

A poor seagull miraculously survived an airgun and an arrow attack in Poole, Dorset. Even with the arrow embedded to its body, the bird managed to fly off with it.

Officials said that the arrow that was embedded to its body is 28-inches long.

Earlier this week, the Seagull was captured and was brought to an RSCPA clinic where the vets discovered that the bird was also shot with an airgun.

The 28-inch long arrow was removed by the vets in the RSCPA clinic.

Jo Blackburn, an animal welfare officer from RSPCA said that they capture the poor bird after it was seen by a concerned citizen.

During an interview with BBC News, Jo said, “A colleague was unable to catch the bird on Sunday as he was still flying, but on Monday, he was unable to lift off the ground.”

She added, “The X-rays show that the arrow has been shot straight through the bird and has been left deeply embedded into the upper body. Sadly, the X-ray has shown there is also an air gun pellet in the bird as well, which is thought to have come from an earlier incident as there is no recent entrance wound.”

The RSPCA is currently looking for the person who decided to arrow the bird.

The person who harmed the Seagull could face up to 6 months in Jail and an unlimited fine under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

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