Turkish Shopper Poos Himself While Shopping And Tries To Hide Poop Under Ice Cream Refrigerator

A shopper in Turkey was caught on camera pooing himself in a supermarket and trying to cover the incident by kicking poop away.

The horrific or disgusting video shows the shopper bending slightly before he walked towards the counter.

As he walked towards the counter, the man left small poos on the floor.

Another poo fell down from his shorts, but this time, the man tried to kick it under a refrigerator.

Instead of getting rid of the poo, the man ends up spreading the poop all over the floor.

The cashier arrives and asks him about the poop.

But the man did not say anything and continued to pay for his items.

It is reported that the incident was filmed in the Karasu District in North-Western Turkey.

It is still not clear what the staff of the supermarket did with the poop and what their reaction was.

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