Melon-Heads: 2 Men Wearing Watermelon With Eye Holes Arrested For Shoplifting

2 thieves that decided to wear watermelons with eye holes instead of face masks were arrested by the police for stealing from a store in Central Virginia, USA.

The 2 thieves reportedly arrived at a Sheetz convenience store in Louisa on May 6, 2020, wearing hollowed-out watermelons with eye holes.

Louisa police said that the suspects stole undisclosed items from the Sheets Convenience Store.

They left the shop in a Black Toyota Tacoma made in 2006.

The police released images of the suspects on Facebook, asking locals to call the police if they have any information about the “melon-heads”.

On Saturday, the police announced that they had arrested the 2 men.

They did not name the 2 men.

Barry Welch, a customer of Sheetz, was blown away after he saw the images of the 2 men.

Talking about the melon-heads, Welch said:

But it wasn’t super shocking being out here in Louisa, we’ve always had some crazy new stories going around. I definitely give them some points for ingenuity. Well I was like, at a time like this you could’ve worn any kind of mask, but to come up with a watermelon.

Candice Wendt, another customer, said:

I think it’s ridiculous. Innovative but ridiculous. The amount of work that you have to do to actually hollow-out a watermelon to stick it on your head, I think, is kind of crazy. Why? Why would they do that? It’s so stupid.

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