Check Out This Amazing Place In India Where There Is NO Politics, Money And Religion!

Vamshi Krishna

One of the major reasons for spreading hatred in the world is ‘Religion’. Isn’t it? People are being influenced to engage in cut-throat competition to acquire more wealth. And moreover, this dirty politics is harming the cultural harmony of the society.


For all these problems and being far from the society, there is a town in India where no religion is being practiced, no transaction of money among the citizens of the town and politics is completely missing from the society. Though it sounds amazing and unbelievable, but it’s true.

Auroville – The City Of Dawn:


The name of this town is Auroville and it was founded by Mirra Alfassa, the spiritual coordinator of Sri Aurobindo, on 28th February 1968 under a project conducted by Sri Aurobindo Society. This unique town is situated in Viluppuram district which is near Puducherry and is developed on the notion of Sri Aurobindo, “man is a transitional being”.


The Vision Of Auroville:

The vision of this town is to make it possible for all the people in the world, no matter which religion or which country they are from, to make them live  together with love and affection, untouched from the concepts of religion, money, and politics. Mirra believes that the Auroville town will definitely strengthen the humanity and make the world a better place to live for future generations.


Auroville is a town that belongs to humanity, but not to any person or community. There is no hierarchy system in the town; it is run by an assembly which comprises of adult citizens of different nationalities. Currently, the total population of Auroville is 2,400 from over 50 countries belonging to different cultures, backgrounds, and ages.


As a rule, there is no money transaction being conducted among the citizens of the town; however, money is used to make transactions with the outer world. The citizens of the town have an email network (auronet) for communication purposes. In her words,

“It is only with the outside world that Auroville has money relations. The money will be no more the Sovereign Lord; individual value will have a greater importance than the value due to material wealth and social position.”

How does it feel after knowing about Auroville? It feels like how great it would be if the whole country converts into a place like Auroville! Isn’t it? Share your views in the comments section below.

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