Anil Bokhil, The Man Behind Demonetization Says “Rs 2000 Notes Might Go Soon”, Another Surprise Ahead?

Saicharan Palakurthi

Its been 45 days and everyone is still in ambiguity on getting the new high denomination notes, such is the crowd at ATM centres. There are people who still didn’t have a glance at the new Rs 2000 notes. And, according to the sources, they might end up without having a look at the notes because there is a huge chance of demonetizing the giant notes.

Yes! you heard it right. The man behind the demonetization, Anil Bokhil mentioned in his speech on an occasion, he stated that the introduction of the RS 2000 notes is a vital diversion to handle the fire of people for a moment.

Never ending protests, suicides, mile long lines and what not, people experienced every craziest thing in these 7 weeks and this appears to continue further. Various political parties slammed the ruling party for the improper implementation, the former Prime Minister Dr ManMohan Singh quoted the move as ‘Monumental Mismanagement’.

However, despite all the criticism, the IT department and RBI are finding their ways to minimise the consequences.

Though Anil Bokhil is the person behind this idea, he earlier addressed media about the move quoting it as ‘dissatisfactory’, but he explained that people will get their better benefits for sure.

Later to the merits and demerits this man surprisingly said that the new Rs 2000 notes might be demonetized soon, he stated the giant note as an idea of diversion.

“The demonetised notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 constituted 86% of the cash flow. Withdrawing them in one go was bound to spawn a major shock. The Rs 2,000 note was introduced to minimise that shock. A certain instrument is kept in the place of a heart going under the knife. The Rs 2,000 note is to demonetization what that particular instrument is to a heart surgery,”

“Once the road is constructed, what’s the use of diversion? Nothing. Rs 50 notes could smoothly run the economy and, as such, even Rs 500 new notes and proposed Rs 1,000 notes would not be required in the future”.

Statistics claim that out of the total liquid cash available in the whole country, the 86% is in the higher denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

This ideologist detailed the statistics saying that the demonetization might help in curbing only 6% of the total black money:

“Nobody knows from where has this 6% figure come. Black money is like cancer. When you treat cancer, one or two healthy cells also get destroyed along with cancerous ones in chemotherapy. Everyone knows election expenditures are made by parties in black money. Now you know why parties are creating a brouhaha when the common man is ready to face the hardship caused by notebandi,”

Anil Bokhil concluded his speech saying:

“Demonetization was aimed to curb counterfeit currency, terrorism. and poverty. More so, India’s economy grows at around 7% while the parallel economy of black money grows at around 11%. Centre committed certain mistakes, such mistakes were natural and could happen even later. But the intentions are good”.

Well, it has already been a lot of time and merely half of the people are aware of the benefits in the introduction of Rs 2000 notes, now this idea of demonetizing the Rs 2000 notes will blow off the corrupted bigshots leaving no traces.

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