This Is Bizarre! Bride And Groom Called Off Wedding Because Of Fight Over PM Narendra Modi

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From bride’s inability to solve a simple math problem to groom’s fairness, from groom’s side demand of non-veg meals to bride’s objection on “Naagin dance”, we have recently witnessed the most bizarre reasons for cancellation of marriage at the last minute.

But this reason crossed the level of bizarreness as the groom and the bride called off their wedding over a debate on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

We all known Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a popular figure and has many dedicated followers. But, this one comes as a surprise or shock.

A couple in Uttar Pradesh called off their wedding after they had a fight over Modi’s performance and his BJP government. Yes, it’s true!

We often in our daily life see people engaging in debates over Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his policies. It’s cheerful to see the younger generation taking politics very seriously and participating in the political protests for future of the country. But canceling their wedding just because they differed on their outlook towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi is something that is unimaginable.

According to a Times of India report, a businessman in UP was due to get married to a woman who is a government employee, everything was almost fixed, the only thing left was to decide about the distribution of marriage expenses. Both the families decided to meet at a temple so that they can finalize everything and can start with the preparations.

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During a meet at a temple, everything apparently was going smoothly till one of them raised the topic of the economic slowdown in the country.

The woman(bride) badly blamed the PM for India’s poor economic condition while the man, a staunch Modi supporter, kept arguing in the PM’s favor and disagreed with her.

The argument turned into a heated discussion and subsequently a fight that led both of them to call off the wedding. Say whatever you want, they both seem to have dodged a bullet here.

Finally, the two decided to part their ways. The decision of the couple shocked both the families as the reason cited by them to end the alliance sounded ‘bizarre’ to several people.

Certainly hilarious! We think that of all the things in the world, this has got to be the best worst reason to call off a wedding. Not seeing eye-to-eye on the country’s PM seems to be as valid a reason as any, don’t you think?

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